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Brick Outdoor Fireplaces

Installing outdoor fireplaces has grown more popular as people are enjoying the beautiful outdoors and creating a nice outdoor living space in their own garden or backyard. Resting by your brick outdoor fireplace enjoying its warmth and glow is a great way to relax after a long day or long week of work — especially if you are stuck working indoors most of the day.

Deciding On An Outdoor Fireplace

But before you start shopping for a brick outdoor fireplace there are a few things you need to consider and research. First you need to find out what is allowed in your area.

Are there any restrictions in your area? Can you have an outdoor wood burning fireplace or do you need to get one that burns cleaner like an outdoor gas fireplace? Do you need a permit to build a fixed outside fireplace? What type of materials are allowed in your area? Once you verify what is allowed in your area you can start considering outdoor fireplace designs and find the best outdoor brick fireplace plans to fit your needs.

Brick is a common material used for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces because it has an aesthetic appeal, it is durable and it can withstand the elements it will be exposed to outdoors. Because it will be a permanent fixture you want to plan your outdoor area carefully and think about any possible future additions.

Building Brick Outdoor Fireplaces

Brick Outdoor Fireplace
Brick Outdoor Fireplace

Building a custom outdoor fireplace can be a complicated project because of all the necessary parts involved in this type of construction, including the use of heat withstanding materials in the firebox. It’s best to hire an expert to handle this project.

One other option is to look at outdoor fireplace kits to help construct your ideal fireplace. An outdoor fireplace kit provides you with the materials you need to build an outdoor fireplace; once it is constructed you can add the brick to give it the look you want. If you don’t feel experienced enough to assemble the fireplace kit yourself you can hire someone who is. In most cases fireplace kits are much more affordable than custom outdoor fireplaces that are designed and built from scratch.

Brick outdoor fireplaces can make a great addition to your yard and increase the value of your home as long as you follow local laws and use fire safety precautions.