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Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

Once you have your ideal outdoor fireplace chosen, you will need just a few fireplace accessories to help with things like starting and maintaining fires, and more importantly to protect your investment. There are a few key things you will want to get, and a few other optional items you may want to consider.

Fireplace Covers

One of the key outdoor fireplace accessories you should get in order to protect your investment is a fireplace cover. Outdoor fireplace covers protect your fireplace or chiminea from a variety of things, but mostly it provides protection from the outdoor elements. Anything that is constantly exposed to the outdoor elements will degrade much more quickly.

A fireplace cover is also a good idea if you have young kids that like to play outside. It will prevent them from digging in and playing with the ashes. This can be a big mess and you don’t want them stirring up and breathing in the dust from the ashes.

If you have an outdoor fire pit instead no problem; you can get a fire pit cover. Fire pit covers are important for an additional reason. Because fire pits tend to be open they can also be very messy. If a good gust of wind blows the day after you enjoyed a nice evening relaxing by the fire you will have ashes and debris blown all over your yard, and likely your neighbor’s yard too. If you have secured your fire pit cover this won’t be a problem for you.

Of course the fire pit cover will also protect your patio fire pit from damage that can be caused by the elements and from weathering in general. It will help keep your fire pit looking nice for years to come.

Fireplace Tool Set

Fireplace Tool Set
Fireplace Tool Set

A fireplace tool set is another fireplace accessory I would highly recommend. This is something you commonly see next to indoor fireplaces as well. Fireplace tool sets typically include three basic tools to help you use and maintain your fireplace. There is a poker to help move and shift the wood while burning the fire, a small fireplace broom and a small device that looks like a mix between a small dustpan and a shovel. These last two items will help you clean the ashes out of your outdoor fireplace.

If you have a wood burning outdoor fireplace you may want a grate where you can stack your wood to be burned. If you keep it outdoors you will probably want to cover it so the wood doesn’t get wet.

Depending on how you are using your outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit you may also want to consider getting a grill rack so you can use it for cooking too.

With just a few simple outdoor fireplace accessories you will be enjoying your beautiful new outdoor fireplace even more.