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Outdoor fireplace covers are probably one of the most important outdoor fireplace accessories. Once you’ve spent the time, energy and money to install your patio fireplace or fire pit you want to protect it to make sure it lasts for a long time. Not only do you want to protect the fireplace, but you may also want to protect kids or pets who may be playing around the fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Covers

While you can buy fireplace covers for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces they are more important for outdoor fireplace because it is constantly exposed to the elements, from the sun, wind and rain to constantly changing high and low temperatures. This can easily damage your outdoor fireplace, and shorten it’s life dramatically. But with a little care and an outdoor fireplace cover you can extend the life and keep it looking nice.

Remember the fireplace cover will be exposed to the elements as well so you want something durable. Most outdoor fireplace covers are made from nylon, polyester, or vinyl. They are generally soft covers with a drawstring that allows you to easily slip it over and cinch it tight at the bottom.

As with many other products some fireplace covers are much nicer than others. Instead of getting cheapest one you can find it may pay to spend an extra ten dollars or so to get one that is more durable and has a few other features. Things you may want to look for in an outdoor fireplace cover include one that can be washed, can withstand sub zero temperatures, one that is waterproof, mildew resistant or offers a sun protective coating. Of course what you need will depend a little bit on your geographical location, weather patterns, humidity and sun levels.

Outdoor Fire Pit Covers

If you have an above ground outdoor fire pit, like the common patio fire pits, you can use the same type of fireplace cover as mentioned above. But if you have an in ground fire pit you may want to look at hard fire pit covers, since you obviously can’t cinch the bottom with a drawstring with an in ground fire pit.

Fire pit covers are important for a few additional reasons. Since fire pits are designed to be more open, if becomes windy the ashes can blow all over making a mess of your fire pit, patio and yard. Outdoor fire pits that are in the ground can also turn into a muddy mess with a few inches of rain. So outdoor fire pit covers can be important for these reasons as well.

Chiminea Cover

A chiminea cover will be much like outdoor fireplace covers, with the same material and style. Many chimineas are made of metal and many times this metal is painted to protect it from the elements. If you get a bad storm flying debris can chip the paint leaving metal chimineas vulnerable to rust. So it is important to have a chiminea cover if you want your chiminea to last.

Outdoor fireplaces are a big investment, one you want to protect. Fireplace covers are perfect because they provide an easy, economical way to protect your investment so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.