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An outdoor gas fireplace is a great option if you want or are restricted to a fireplace that doesn’t use wood for fuel. While many people love the smell of a wood burning fireplace there are some drawbacks to them that you won’t find in gas fireplaces, so a gas fireplace may be the best fit combining both enjoyment and functionality.

Advantages Of Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

One advantage is that outdoor gas fireplaces burn cleaner than wood burning fireplaces. You won’t have the blowing smoke you see with the burning of wood, or the jumping of burning embers. And since some areas have wood burning restrictions an outdoor gas fireplace may be the best way to go, but make sure you check the regulations in your area before you make any plans or start shopping. You need to know what is allowed in your area before you even start the process.

The other big advantage of an outdoor gas fireplace is that it is easy to start; before you know it you can be gathered around the cozy warmth of your own patio fireplace. It’s wood burning cousin takes a little more time and patience, and of course wood which you need to keep on hand. Gas fireplaces are also easy to extinguish when it’s time to go in for the night.

What Type Should I Get?

Outdoor Gas Fireplace
Outdoor Gas Fireplace

The gas versions come as either natural gas or propane fireplaces. When choosing which one is best for you there are a few things to consider. First do you have natural gas running to your home already for an oven or stove? If you do you can just run a line to the area where you want to set up your outdoor fireplace. If you don’t it will be a little more difficult as you will need to find a source for the natural gas and possibly a supplier.

The other option is an outdoor propane fireplace. While natural gas may burn cleaner, propane fireplaces can be more versatile. They can be used in areas where you don’t have access to natural gas, making them a great choice in many rural areas.

If you are looking for a portable outdoor fireplace that uses gas, a propane fireplace is probably the best way to go as it is pretty easy to find portable propane tanks.

Or if you like the feel of an open fire, with a 360 degree view of the flames, you may want to look at a natural gas fire pit or one of the many propane fire pits available. Many of these are portable fire pits making it easy to rearrange your patio or take it with you when you move.

Your Outdoor Gas Fireplace – The Final Touch

Once you’ve chosen the perfect one you’ll want to decide if you want the look of logs, glass or rocks. If you want it to look like a traditional fireplace you may want to use ceramic logs. They have improved dramatically and some look pretty realistic.

If you are looking for a rustic look but you don’t want to use ceramic logs you might consider using fire stones. They come in a variety of shapes and colors that provide a great look for outdoor fireplaces.

Outdoor Gas Fireplace with Fire Glass
Outdoor Gas Fireplace with Fire Glass

If you’re looking for something more modern or distinct you should consider tumbled glass, sometimes called fire ice, fire glass or fireplace glass. Well designed outdoor fireplaces using fire glass can provide a spectacular look, and since the glass comes in different colors it can easily match or accent the look of your outdoor area.

Installing an outdoor gas fireplace is a great way to increase the value of your home, but it also makes your patio a cozy environment for entertaining or for relaxing, quiet evenings.