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Fire Rings

Many of us have wonderful memories of gathering around a campfire on a chilly evening in the great outdoors. My memories include making a small campfire ring out of rocks we could find in the area. If we couldn’t find enough rocks it would be a very small fire. But now I have a folding fire ring that collapses so we can easily take it with us wherever we go. It’s great because it’s so easy to take with us and we can always make a nice fire to sit around and enjoy.

Why Should You Have A Fire Ring?

Having a solid fire ring is important for safety, whether it’s a metal, concrete or a stone fire ring. You never want to take the chance of a fire spreading or getting out of hand, in dry areas this can be detrimental. We’ve all seen the news stories about the potential destruction of wildfires. Beyond fire safety outdoor fireplace rings also help keep the ashes under control.

Camp Fire Ring
Camp Fire Ring

There are a lot of fun fire rings available now. Some are silhouetted with things like outdoor scenery, moose, trees, stars etc. As your fire burns the silhouetted designs dance around things surrounding your outdoor fire ring.

Cooking On Fire Rings

Portable fire pit rings are great because they are so easy to either use at home or take with you. Our foldable ring is especially nice because it easily folds and fits in it’s carrying case. It also came with a fire ring grill making a perfect combination for camping. The grill rack sits nicely within the ring so you can have just the campfire or you can add the grill and cook breakfast, lunch or dinner. Because the grill rack is flat with thinly spaced bars it works great for our camping coffee maker too. There are a variety of fire rings with a grill attachment available.

Fixed Fire Pit Rings

If you have an area on your property where you want to build a fire pit, and you know they are allowed in your area, you can build a stable fire pit ring around it. Not only does this help with safety but it also helps from having a muddy mess when it rains. You can make the fire ring by partially burying a metal tube in the ground in a circular shape. Then construct a type of circular wall around it with something like flagstone — something that will be sturdy.

Not only are fire rings fun because of their designs and features, they also help contain your fire and control ash to help with fire safety. You always need to follow fire safety rules when starting a fire but a fire ring is a fun tool to help with that.

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