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Copper Fire Pit

Adding a copper fire pit to your patio can add a touch of warmth and elegance. These richly colored fire pits can also help you create a nice place to spend evenings on your patio, either a quiet evening alone or a cozy evening with friends. This specific style has a number of benefits, but before you decide to buy one make sure this is the right type of outdoor fireplace to fit your needs.

The Popularity of Copper

Copper has become a popular material for a number of uses in homes besides wiring and water pipes. Many people are taking advantage of the warm beauty and durability of copper for use in things like copper sinks, copper hose storage and outdoor copper fire pits. If you use copper in other areas of your home, especially outside, adding a copper fire pit can help create a cohesive theme.

Copper Fire Pits

If you are looking for a small outdoor fireplace that won’t take up too much space an outdoor copper fire pit is a good fit. Generally speaking copper fire pits are pretty small and meant to be used on a patio. Some models are even made to be easily portable. If you are looking for a portable fire pit to take to the beach or camping look for one that folds and has a carrying case.

Copper Fire Pit Table
Copper Fire Pit Table

You can also find a fire pit table that uses a copper fire bowl. Most of these have a relatively small table space, but they still provide additional functionality and they can be used as a small patio table. Some of them even have decorative mosaic tile that can help enhance the look of your patio especially when blended well with planters or other outdoor accenting items on your patio.

Most copper fire pits come with a few basic outdoor fireplace accessories like a spark screen, a lifting tool and a stand. Some will even come with fire pit covers, if not consider investing in one to help protect it and to prevent ashes from blowing in your yard.

While solid copper fire bowls can be expensive, especially if you choose an artisan crafted hammered copper fire bowl, those made with iron and coated in copper are much less expensive. You can find a number of copper coated fire pits under $200.

It is important to know that copper outdoor fire pits won’t keep that shiny copper look. Once they are used and as they sit outside they will develop a patina over time. Some people love the look of the patina finish so this is seen as a benefit, but others don’t. Just don’t expect it to remain shiny over time.

As with any other wood burning outdoor fire pits copper patio fire pits may create a bit more smoke if they use wood for fuel because they don’t have a design to direct the smoke upwards like an chiminea or a fixed brick or stone outdoor fireplace. However if you choose a gas fire pit you won’t have this problem with smoke.

Copper Fire Bowl
Copper Fire Bowl

Because this style of patio fireplace is so easy to move around sometimes people forget about basic fire safety. Make sure you only use it on a stable non-flammable surface. Also be sure to keep your backyard fire pit a safe distance from anything remotely flammable like branches, bushes or your home.

Copper Fire Bowls

A copper fire bowl is pretty similar to a copper fire pit, in fact some may use the terms interchangeably. To me though copper fire bowls are deeper, rounder and many of them have more distinct design features. I’ve seen some fire pit bowls that are in the shape of dancing flames or other intricate designs. But overall a copper fire bowl will have the same benefits and drawbacks as a copper fire pit.

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Portable Outdoor Fireplace

A portable outdoor fireplace is a perfect choice if you’ve decided you want to enjoy a fire outside, but you don’t want to commit to a fixed structure. For some it is a good place to start when planning out the design of your outdoor living area as these units can be relatively inexpensive and because they are movable you can test them in a few different areas until you find just the look and feel you want.

Types Of Portable Outdoor Fireplaces

Portable outdoor fireplace can mean few different things. It can refer to above ground fire pits that are portable, many of them are. It can refer to freestanding outdoor fireplaces that aren’t attached to the ground. Or it can refer to a non-traditional style of chimineas.

One of the most common types seen in home improvement stores are the raised fire pit versions, a fire pit table. Many of these are considered to be portable because they are small enough to easily pick up and carry to a different location. They work well for a small patio, in fact some even double as a table during the day and a fire pit at night. But a truly portable fire pit will be one you can fold and easily carry with you.

Another option is a freestanding outdoor portable fireplace. These are different from a fire pit in that these outdoor fireplaces often keep the fire a bit more enclosed. These are sometimes a little larger than the simple patio fireplace style fire pit so they can be better for a larger area. You can find some that have wheels which makes them really easy to move.

Portable Outdoor Fireplace
Portable Outdoor Fireplace

Standard chimineas are often made from clay or heavy metals like cast iron so they aren’t truly considered portable because they can be pretty heavy. But there are some other styles of chimineas that are easier to move and considered portable. Some have a slightly different design and a wire mesh instead of solid clay or metal which both makes them lighter and it provides a full view of the fire.

I’ve recently found a portable fireplace that is so portable you can use it either indoors or outside. It’s called EcoSmart Fire as it is not only portable but environmentally friendly.

Portable Outdoor Fireplace Fuel

It is important to decide what kind of fuel you want to use for your patio fireplace. You can find portable fireplaces that use either wood, gas, gel or things like denatured ethanol.

Before you decide which you prefer check with your city for any rules and regulations. Certain types of fuel may not be allowed in your area, for example some areas have wood burning restrictions.

Wood provides that feel of a campfire with the crackle and smell of smoke. But if you don’t like to smell like smoke after sitting out on the patio you may prefer a different fuel like gel or gas. An outdoor gas fireplace will be easy to light and it less messy than one that burns wood.

Always consider how much the fuel will cost and how easy it is to replenish when you run out.

Patio Fireplace Safety

Before you buy an outdoor fireplace make sure you are allowed to have one in your area. Once you’ve verified that remember to be careful and safe. With a portable outdoor fireplace you need to be attentive when you move it to a new location. Make sure you aren’t too close to the house or any other structure and stay away from trees or dry brush. Always keep water or a fire extinguisher nearby as well.

With just a few outdoor fireplace accessories, an outdoor fireplace cover and some safety guidelines your portable outdoor fireplace should provide you with some great experiences and good memories of cozy evenings outside in your own yard.

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Clay Chiminea

If you’re looking for a patio fireplace that has an earthy feel you might want to consider a clay chiminea. Clay chimineas are a specific type of outdoor fireplace that, traditionally, have a bulbous shape with a round belly to contain the fire and a long slim neck to vent the smoke and keep it from blowing in the faces of those enjoying the cozy warmth.

Clay Chimineas As Outdoor Fireplaces

Clay chimineas have a distinct look and feel that make them unique, even though they now come in a few different styles. They were originally used in warm, dry climates and because of the nature of clay they are better suited to these climates. But if you live in an area with bouts of rain and freezing temperatures you can still use clay chimineas, you just need to take a few extra precautions to help protect it.

For starters it is good to have a few simple outdoor fireplace accessories, mainly a chiminea cover. This is a good idea no matter what type of climate you have to help protect your outdoor chiminea. You can use something else like a grill cover to protect it, but a chiminea cover will be easier to use and made to fit better, plus a simple cover isn’t that expensive to buy. If you live in an area that has freezing temperatures during the winter you should store your clay chiminea in a shed or garage as the combination of low temperatures and moisture can crack the clay.

Clay Chiminea
Clay Chiminea

Before buying a clay chiminea ask questions so you know how to use it properly. Many clay chimineas sold today should be sealed before they are used. Ask if the model you are buying needs to be sealed and what you should use to seal it. With this type of chiminea you may also need to season it by burning only small fires the first few times you use it, before you work up to regular fire wood or pinion wood. And never use lighter fluid as the clay is porous and can soak up the fluid.

Clay chimineas have a distinct look and feel that makes them fun as outdoor fireplaces but they do require a bit more care than some other types of patio fireplaces as they are not as durable. If you like the look and style of outdoor chimineas you might want to consider a metal chiminea instead. Metal chimineas are more durable but they still have the same bulbous shape.

Other Uses For a Clay Chiminea

While a clay chiminea is usually used as an outdoor fireplace some creative people have found additional uses for them. Some people have used them indoors as an oversize candle holder or planter. It’s ok to use them as a candle holder but never burn a regular fire in them indoors.

They also add a decorative flair to a patio or garden when used as a planter with flowers and vines coming out of them. Broken clay chimineas are also very common for this giving them an afterlife when they can no longer be used as a fireplace.

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Outdoor Fireplace Accessories

Once you have your ideal outdoor fireplace chosen, you will need just a few fireplace accessories to help with things like starting and maintaining fires, and more importantly to protect your investment. There are a few key things you will want to get, and a few other optional items you may want to consider.

Fireplace Covers

One of the key outdoor fireplace accessories you should get in order to protect your investment is a fireplace cover. Outdoor fireplace covers protect your fireplace or chiminea from a variety of things, but mostly it provides protection from the outdoor elements. Anything that is constantly exposed to the outdoor elements will degrade much more quickly.

A fireplace cover is also a good idea if you have young kids that like to play outside. It will prevent them from digging in and playing with the ashes. This can be a big mess and you don’t want them stirring up and breathing in the dust from the ashes.

If you have an outdoor fire pit instead no problem; you can get a fire pit cover. Fire pit covers are important for an additional reason. Because fire pits tend to be open they can also be very messy. If a good gust of wind blows the day after you enjoyed a nice evening relaxing by the fire you will have ashes and debris blown all over your yard, and likely your neighbor’s yard too. If you have secured your fire pit cover this won’t be a problem for you.

Of course the fire pit cover will also protect your patio fire pit from damage that can be caused by the elements and from weathering in general. It will help keep your fire pit looking nice for years to come.

Fireplace Tool Set

Fireplace Tool Set
Fireplace Tool Set

A fireplace tool set is another fireplace accessory I would highly recommend. This is something you commonly see next to indoor fireplaces as well. Fireplace tool sets typically include three basic tools to help you use and maintain your fireplace. There is a poker to help move and shift the wood while burning the fire, a small fireplace broom and a small device that looks like a mix between a small dustpan and a shovel. These last two items will help you clean the ashes out of your outdoor fireplace.

If you have a wood burning outdoor fireplace you may want a grate where you can stack your wood to be burned. If you keep it outdoors you will probably want to cover it so the wood doesn’t get wet.

Depending on how you are using your outdoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit you may also want to consider getting a grill rack so you can use it for cooking too.

With just a few simple outdoor fireplace accessories you will be enjoying your beautiful new outdoor fireplace even more.

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