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Patio Fire Pits

A great way to update your patio is by adding a fire pit. Patio fire pits can create a new look and feel for this outdoor space. Not only do these small, often portable fireplaces add a nice look, they also add increased functionality and create a cozy ambiance.

Types of Patio Fire Pits

A patio fire pit usually works well for a small patio because they require less space than brick or stone outdoor fireplaces. They are also usually easy to move so they make a great portable outdoor fireplace.

Because of the high demand for them we now have a wide selection when it comes these patio fireplaces. You can find fire pits made of various metals like cast iron, cast aluminum or copper to name a few. A copper fire pit can really provide a distinct look. You can also find them with decorative stone to provide a more rugged or outdoor feel.

But if you want a truly multifunctional patio fire pit consider one made in the style of a table. This essentially blends a table and a fire pit together making this addition very functional. Some have a beautiful stone or mosaic tile table wrapped around a sunken fire bowl. You can even get them to blend in with the flagstone on your patio to create a cohesive design that incorporates your outdoor fireplace.

Wood or Gas Fire Pit?

Patio Fire Pit
Patio Fire Pit

One important thing to consider before you start shopping is whether you want a wood burning or gas fire pit. But before you make the decision check with your city to see what is allowed in your area. Some areas have restrictions on wood burning.

A wood burning fire pit will provide the rustic feel of an outdoor fire with the smell of smoke, which can also help fend off bugs, but with this type you may want to choose one with a screen lid to protect onlookers from popping embers.

Outdoor gas fire pits are easy to light and extinguish. It will also burn cleaner than one that burns wood. But make sure you have an appropriate fuel source readily available. You can either buy small tanks of fuel or have a fuel line run from your house. For a small patio fireplace like this it is usually easier to buy small tanks of fuel. Choosing a light model will also make this a portable fire pit that is easy to use on the go.

Patio fire pits provide a great way to enjoy your patio even when the nights start to get chilly.