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Pinion Wood

Once you have your outdoor fireplace or chiminea all set up, you’ll probably want to know a little bit about the different types of wood you can use to fuel the cozy warmth. One of the types of wood many people prefer for their outdoor fire pits and fireplaces is pinion wood.

Pinion wood is popular for a few reasons. For starters it has a wonderful aroma as it burns in your outside fireplace. It smells like pine, truly giving you the feeling of being in the great outdoors, which isn’t always easy to feel in the middle of suburbia. I’ve heard some people say that it smells like a fresh cut Christmas tree.

Another important benefit of burning pinion wood is that it repels mosquitoes. For many this may be the most important benefit because it allows you to enjoy being outside around your cozy outdoor fireplace without the unpleasant distraction of those pesky bugs and without having to slather on the not-so-pleasant bug spray. Some people even start a pinion wood fire when it’s still hot outside just to keep the bugs away because it’s so effective.

Along with these benefits pinion wood is also easy to light, it puts out a good amount of heat, it burns for a long time and once the fire is no longer burning you’ll find very little ash left to clean so it makes a great chiminea firewood. For the most part it’s a low maintenance fire wood making it even more tempting to enjoy outdoor fireplaces as often as you can.

If you want the pinion wood for your outdoor chiminea it won’t be a problem because many sellers will cut the wood to fit in chimineas or smaller outdoor fire pits. Some places where you buy pinion wood will even custom cut the wood for you.