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Copper Fire Pit

Adding a copper fire pit to your patio can add a touch of warmth and elegance. These richly colored fire pits can also help you create a nice place to spend evenings on your patio, either a quiet evening alone or a cozy evening with friends. This specific style has a number of benefits, but before you decide to buy one make sure this is the right type of outdoor fireplace to fit your needs.

The Popularity of Copper

Copper has become a popular material for a number of uses in homes besides wiring and water pipes. Many people are taking advantage of the warm beauty and durability of copper for use in things like copper sinks, copper hose storage and outdoor copper fire pits. If you use copper in other areas of your home, especially outside, adding a copper fire pit can help create a cohesive theme.

Copper Fire Pits

If you are looking for a small outdoor fireplace that won’t take up too much space an outdoor copper fire pit is a good fit. Generally speaking copper fire pits are pretty small and meant to be used on a patio. Some models are even made to be easily portable. If you are looking for a portable fire pit to take to the beach or camping look for one that folds and has a carrying case.

Copper Fire Pit Table
Copper Fire Pit Table

You can also find a fire pit table that uses a copper fire bowl. Most of these have a relatively small table space, but they still provide additional functionality and they can be used as a small patio table. Some of them even have decorative mosaic tile that can help enhance the look of your patio especially when blended well with planters or other outdoor accenting items on your patio.

Most copper fire pits come with a few basic outdoor fireplace accessories like a spark screen, a lifting tool and a stand. Some will even come with fire pit covers, if not consider investing in one to help protect it and to prevent ashes from blowing in your yard.

While solid copper fire bowls can be expensive, especially if you choose an artisan crafted hammered copper fire bowl, those made with iron and coated in copper are much less expensive. You can find a number of copper coated fire pits under $200.

It is important to know that copper outdoor fire pits won’t keep that shiny copper look. Once they are used and as they sit outside they will develop a patina over time. Some people love the look of the patina finish so this is seen as a benefit, but others don’t. Just don’t expect it to remain shiny over time.

As with any other wood burning outdoor fire pits copper patio fire pits may create a bit more smoke if they use wood for fuel because they don’t have a design to direct the smoke upwards like an chiminea or a fixed brick or stone outdoor fireplace. However if you choose a gas fire pit you won’t have this problem with smoke.

Copper Fire Bowl
Copper Fire Bowl

Because this style of patio fireplace is so easy to move around sometimes people forget about basic fire safety. Make sure you only use it on a stable non-flammable surface. Also be sure to keep your backyard fire pit a safe distance from anything remotely flammable like branches, bushes or your home.

Copper Fire Bowls

A copper fire bowl is pretty similar to a copper fire pit, in fact some may use the terms interchangeably. To me though copper fire bowls are deeper, rounder and many of them have more distinct design features. I’ve seen some fire pit bowls that are in the shape of dancing flames or other intricate designs. But overall a copper fire bowl will have the same benefits and drawbacks as a copper fire pit.

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Patio Fire Pits

A great way to update your patio is by adding a fire pit. Patio fire pits can create a new look and feel for this outdoor space. Not only do these small, often portable fireplaces add a nice look, they also add increased functionality and create a cozy ambiance.

Types of Patio Fire Pits

A patio fire pit usually works well for a small patio because they require less space than brick or stone outdoor fireplaces. They are also usually easy to move so they make a great portable outdoor fireplace.

Because of the high demand for them we now have a wide selection when it comes these patio fireplaces. You can find fire pits made of various metals like cast iron, cast aluminum or copper to name a few. A copper fire pit can really provide a distinct look. You can also find them with decorative stone to provide a more rugged or outdoor feel.

But if you want a truly multifunctional patio fire pit consider one made in the style of a table. This essentially blends a table and a fire pit together making this addition very functional. Some have a beautiful stone or mosaic tile table wrapped around a sunken fire bowl. You can even get them to blend in with the flagstone on your patio to create a cohesive design that incorporates your outdoor fireplace.

Wood or Gas Fire Pit?

Patio Fire Pit
Patio Fire Pit

One important thing to consider before you start shopping is whether you want a wood burning or gas fire pit. But before you make the decision check with your city to see what is allowed in your area. Some areas have restrictions on wood burning.

A wood burning fire pit will provide the rustic feel of an outdoor fire with the smell of smoke, which can also help fend off bugs, but with this type you may want to choose one with a screen lid to protect onlookers from popping embers.

Outdoor gas fire pits are easy to light and extinguish. It will also burn cleaner than one that burns wood. But make sure you have an appropriate fuel source readily available. You can either buy small tanks of fuel or have a fuel line run from your house. For a small patio fireplace like this it is usually easier to buy small tanks of fuel. Choosing a light model will also make this a portable fire pit that is easy to use on the go.

Patio fire pits provide a great way to enjoy your patio even when the nights start to get chilly.

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Outdoor Patio Fireplace

Buying an outdoor fireplace for your patio is probably one of the most fun upgrades you can make to your outdoor living area. They have become so popular that you can find a wide variety of them from the portable outdoor fireplace to one that is fixed for a sturdy look that feels like an indoor fireplace, only under the stars. An outdoor patio fireplace along with some landscaping can truly transform the look and feel of your own back yard.

Types Of Outdoor Patio Fireplaces

Wood vs Gas
The type of outdoor fireplace you choose will depend on a few things, what is allowed in your city and county, the size of your patio and yard, and the look and feel you want to achieve. Once you find out what is allowed in your area you may need to decide whether you want to consider a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace. Outdoor wood burning fireplaces offer that crackling sound and the smokey smell. While the smoke may keep mosquitoes away you may not like the smell of it. Outdoor gas fireplaces burn cleaner and they are easier to light, but you need to choose what kind of gas and whether or not you’ll need a gas line installed.

Fixed vs Portable

Patio Fireplace
Patio Fireplace

The other big decision is whether you want a fixed fireplace, a fire pit or a portable fireplace. A fixed outdoor fireplace can be really beautiful and set the feel of the whole outdoor living space. They can be decorated with brick or rugged stone and created right into the landscape of your patio. If you think you can handle the job yourself you may consider looking at patio fireplace kits, as they can make the job easier while providing you with the materials needed to make the firebox which needs to withstand extremely high temperatures. These can also be decorated with stone and brick if you like the look of stone outdoor fireplaces and want to create your own design.

If you don’t have a very big patio or if you don’t want to commit to a fixed fireplace you might want to consider a portable fireplace. If you like the feel of an open campfire you might want to look at outdoor patio fire pits. These are raised fire pits that are typically pretty easy to move. You can buy either wood burning or outdoor gas fire pits.

Another type of outdoor patio fireplace is a chiminea. Chimineas are bulbous shaped fireplaces with a design that helps take the smoke straight up so it doesn’t blow in your face, but you still have the feel of crackling wood. They are enclosed, except for the door so you don’t have to worry about embers popping out like you do with outdoor fire pits.

Freestanding outdoor fireplaces are yet another option for your outdoor patio fireplace. Most of them are wood burning or gas fueled but you can find some that use other sources like gel fuel. Many of these keep the fire somewhat enclosed which can be safer if you have children or pets. But you can find versions that have a full 360 degree view or a partial view, whichever you prefer.

An outdoor patio fireplace can bring your patio to life, whether you want it for entertaining or for relaxing evenings at home. Just think about what you want from it before you start shopping so you can find the one that is right for you.

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Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Whether you’ve seen a fire pit nicely displayed at your local home improvement store or in your neighbor’s yard you may be tempted by them — and it’s not hard not to be. After all outdoor fireplaces provide a great centerpiece for a gathering or a quiet, relaxing evening. They provide a cozy, inviting atmosphere while they also offer comforting warmth on a slightly chilly evening.

While the original style of fire pit was pretty rudimentary with several rocks surrounding a hole in the ground, the outdoor fire pits of today offer a wide range of options from rustic to elegant. You can easily find patio fire pits to match any look you want to create in your back yard patio or outdoor room.

Advantages Of An Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

Outdoor gas fire pits are a good choice if you live in an area that has wood burning fire restrictions, but before you purchase any type of outdoor fireplace make sure you know what is allowed in your specific area.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit
Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

A gas fire pit has a few advantages over a wood burning fire pit. It burns cleaner so you don’t have to worry about smoke drifting in your face or in your neighbor’s direction, and you also won’t have worry about cleaning the ash from it so it doesn’t blow into your yard. Both starting and extinguishing a fire is easy with gas fire pits, so if you only have a little time to sit outside you can still enjoy your outdoor fireplace without spending too much time lighting it and putting it out. They also allow you to have better control over the size of the fire, often with the easy use of a remote.

With an gas outdoor fire pit you can also make use of fire glass to create a distinct look, instead of using the more commonly seen gas logs or lava rocks.

Types of Gas Fire Pits

When it comes to gas fire pits you have a couple of choices based on the type of fuel you prefer. There are outdoor propane fire pits and natural gas fire pits. A propane fire pit is typically a little more versatile and many styles work well as a portable fireplace. Since varying sizes of propane tanks are usually easy to find a propane portable fire pit is something you can even take to a friend’s house or camping. If you have natural gas in your home you can have a professional run a gas line out to your natural gas fire pit so you have a constant fuel source without having to replace gas tanks.

If you want more of a fixed structure you can find an outdoor fireplace kit that will make it easier to install. Many outdoor fireplace kits provide a base structure that you can customize with things like brick or stone.

Before you start shopping think a little about what you want from your outdoor gas fire pit, and don’t forget to look at fire pit covers to protect your patio fireplace. You’ll be glad you did when you’re sitting around it enjoying a cozy fire.

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Outdoor Fireplace Covers & Fire Pit Covers

Outdoor fireplace covers are probably one of the most important outdoor fireplace accessories. Once you’ve spent the time, energy and money to install your patio fireplace or fire pit you want to protect it to make sure it lasts for a long time. Not only do you want to protect the fireplace, but you may also want to protect kids or pets who may be playing around the fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplace Covers

While you can buy fireplace covers for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces they are more important for outdoor fireplace because it is constantly exposed to the elements, from the sun, wind and rain to constantly changing high and low temperatures. This can easily damage your outdoor fireplace, and shorten it’s life dramatically. But with a little care and an outdoor fireplace cover you can extend the life and keep it looking nice.

Remember the fireplace cover will be exposed to the elements as well so you want something durable. Most outdoor fireplace covers are made from nylon, polyester, or vinyl. They are generally soft covers with a drawstring that allows you to easily slip it over and cinch it tight at the bottom.

As with many other products some fireplace covers are much nicer than others. Instead of getting cheapest one you can find it may pay to spend an extra ten dollars or so to get one that is more durable and has a few other features. Things you may want to look for in an outdoor fireplace cover include one that can be washed, can withstand sub zero temperatures, one that is waterproof, mildew resistant or offers a sun protective coating. Of course what you need will depend a little bit on your geographical location, weather patterns, humidity and sun levels.

Outdoor Fire Pit Covers

If you have an above ground outdoor fire pit, like the common patio fire pits, you can use the same type of fireplace cover as mentioned above. But if you have an in ground fire pit you may want to look at hard fire pit covers, since you obviously can’t cinch the bottom with a drawstring with an in ground fire pit.

Fire pit covers are important for a few additional reasons. Since fire pits are designed to be more open, if becomes windy the ashes can blow all over making a mess of your fire pit, patio and yard. Outdoor fire pits that are in the ground can also turn into a muddy mess with a few inches of rain. So outdoor fire pit covers can be important for these reasons as well.

Chiminea Cover

A chiminea cover will be much like outdoor fireplace covers, with the same material and style. Many chimineas are made of metal and many times this metal is painted to protect it from the elements. If you get a bad storm flying debris can chip the paint leaving metal chimineas vulnerable to rust. So it is important to have a chiminea cover if you want your chiminea to last.

Outdoor fireplaces are a big investment, one you want to protect. Fireplace covers are perfect because they provide an easy, economical way to protect your investment so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.

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